All you need to know about Menhera Chan

Menhera chan

Who is Menhera Chan?

Menhera chan is a Japanese animated female character. She’s young and is the unofficial heroine for Yami kawaii. She gets her name from menhera a Japanese term for people who experience some form of mental illness, depression, anxiety disorders and behavioral and emotional issues.

Menhera chan
Wrist cut warriors

Who created Menhera Chan?

Menhera chan was created by Bisuko Ezaki, a young artist who began animating Menhera Chan while studying for exams. He’s gone on to create a successful career as an animator and also sells merchandise to many of his followers.

In an interview with Refinery 29 Bisuko Ezaki says ” one of the objectives of my work is to add elements that people are avoiding” Hence his illustrations feature syringes, nooses and other dark elements.

He continues ” I started drawing Menhera- chan as an escape from reality. At first, I was drawing as a form of therapy. Now it’s turned into a business but I still think it’s therapeutic”.

“I want to change the negative image of mental health issues, and I think it ( Menhera-chan) is doing that. It uses those negative feelings that everybody has, whether it be some darkness or sadness, and makes it cute”.

Where to read Menhera chan?

There is one book available. Yamikawa Warrior Menhera-chan Official Fan Book with original illustrations by Bisuko Ezaki

Whats the Menhera-chan story?

Well, it’s quite dark. a young Menhera-chan is bullied at school. During her dark spell, she discovers that with the use of a box cutting knife she can transform and fight evil. She becomes a magical character and fights evil with her two friends, Sabukaru-chan and Yumekawa-chan.

The mix of cute and dark elements in the story helped establish Menhera-chan as a cult animated character not just in Japan but also overseas, especially in America.

What is Chan in Japanese?

Chan (ちゃん) means that the speaker finds a person endearing or charming. Chan is generally used for youngsters and children, close friends, babies, and sometimes female adolescents. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, or young women.

What is yami and yumi kawaii?

Yami kawaii (病みかわいい) is a Japanese fashion style that was developed from Yume kawaii (ゆめかわいい) a cute and dreamy fashion style.

Kawaii means cute, Yume meaning dreamy, and Yami being dark. Yami kawaii adds opposing elements to the traditional Yume kawaii style to juxtapose the fantasy playfulness against darker themes and style. Yamikawaii is what happens when ‘”Yume” becomes dark.

Where even talking about mental health issues in Japan is considered taboo Yami kawaii is seen as a form of expression.

What other famous Yami kawaii charachters are there?


This Menhera-chan’s pet rabbit. He has ears that look like medicine pills.


She is the dark-haired character of the wrist-cut warriors. Normally dressed in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform or a sailor’s suit.


The long purple-haired character of the three. She is believed to be the oldest of the three wrist-cut warriors.

menhera-chan nad friends
Cute and dark

Where can I buy Menhera Chan stickers?

You can purchase various Menhera-chan merchandise directly from Bisuko Ezaki’s online store.

Atelier M.U online store

Yamikawaii and Menhera-chan

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