Tent inspired Chinese architecture the Yabuli Entrepreneurs Congress Center

Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center
Photo: Agovision

Chinese architecture continues to go from strength to strength. The MAD designed Yabuli Entrepreneurs Congress Center is open and ready for business. Sat deep in the snow-covered mountains of North-East China, the new building mimics a tent at the base of a mountain, curved elements and sleek lines dominate.

Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center
Photo: Agovision

Yabuli CEF has become a powerful platform for Chinse entrepreneurship with members including Jack Ma, Robin Li and Lei jun, to name a few. 

For the past 20 years, its members have gathered each year to exchange ideas and discuss Chinese business, leading to Yabuli being nicknamed the Davos of China.

Yabuli CEF commissioned MAD Architects in 2017 to build a permanent structure for the yearly event.

A building that would highlight the event’s spirit and the members who join, a place of vitality, boldness and wisdom.

Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center
Photo: ArchExist

MAD’s idea was to build a building that would evoke a mountain tent, with a soft curving rooftop that echoes the mountaintop or the surrounding area. 

At night a warm glow emits from the building, expressing warmth and mimicking that of a night campfire in the snowy forest.  A place where one may sit and share stories, thoughts and ideas. 

Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center nighttime
Photo: Agovision
Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center wooden interiors
Photo: Agovision

Inside a mix of wood walls and natural light create warmth while a glass walkway allows guests to connect the building and nature. 

Whilst primarily being the event space for the yearly meeting, the building also contains an exhibition hall, meeting rooms and a television hall. Ideal for hosting conferences, corporate training and public exhibitions.

Project details

Project name: Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center

Location: Yabuli, China

Date: 2017-2020

Site Area: 22,000 sqm

Building Area: 16,198 sqm

Building Height: 23.3 m

Photo: Agovision
Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center
Photo: archexist
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