Eco Floating Hotel set for Qatar

Built on the principle of minimum energy loss and zero waste, The Eco Floating Hotel five star hotel is a stunning concept by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) that is designed to be located off-shore. It will feature a rotating restaurant and sustainable wind, solar energy and water systems. The first hotel will be built in Qatar with a construction footprint of 35000 square meters and a total of 152 rooms. 

Images courtesy of HAADS
Images courtesy of HAADS

Eco Floating Hotel

The building was conceptualized as a giant glass annular with a vortex roof. The rainwater is collected and used to irrigate greenery surrounding the hotel’s exterior, generate tidal energy with seawater powering areas of the facility. The architectural hotel will also be powered by solar and wind power.

The hotel will boast a 700 square meter lobby in its centre, transparent vertical surfaces allow guests to experience changes in atmosphere and views. 

Images courtesy of HAADS
Images courtesy of HAADS
Images courtesy of HAADS

The hotel will include a gym, spa, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Rooms will all have private balconies so guests can take advantage of the constantly changing views. The hotel can be accessed by the pier that connects to the mainland or, if they prefer, a private boat or helicopter.

Each hotel revolution takes a full 24 hours to complete, so there is no chance of guests becoming dizzy. The hotel uses a dynamic positioning system built with a series of propellers and thrusters to achieve the movement.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2025.

Images courtesy of HAADS
Images courtesy of HAADS

  • Project Name: Eco-Floating Hotel
  • Location Of The Project: Qatar (Variable Locations)
  • Year and status of the project: 2020 March / Design Phase
  • Preliminary end date: 2025
  • Total construction area: 35000 m2
  • Client: PH tourism and management (Qatar)
  • Project Design Office: Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS)
  • Project Team: Arch. Hayri Atak, Arch. Kaan Kılıçdağ, Arch. Büşra Köksal, Arch. Kübra Türk
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