Incredible mirrored building Maraya Concert Hall


Built-in 2017 as part of a broader plan to bring more tourists to Saudi Arabia, Maraya concert hall sits among sandstone rocks, mountains, and the desert of AlUla a lesser-known region of Saudi Arabia.

Why is this area so special? AlUla is a place of incredible natural beauty, located on the original pilgrimage route to Makkah, approximately 325km north of Medina. Home to human settlements for more than 200,000 years and boasting heritage sites such as Hegra, old town AlUla, and the Lion Tombs of Dadan.

AlUla heritage sites
Heritage site Hegra AlUla
Saudi desert Maraya
Camels and Maraya

Maraya Concert hall Design

Gio Forma, Milan designed this huge mirrored (Maraya meaning mirror in Arabic) building which has gone on to claim the title of the world’s largest mirrored building. Constructed from 9740sqm of mirrored glass and standing 26m high the building has already won several awards for its daring design and functionality within its remote location.

This iconic piece of design and architecture has two sides which are covered entirely with mirrored glass, which reflects the sand and mountains that surround it, creating a surreal extension to the environment.

Concert Hall Interior

Maraya has held several concerts from international and regional musicians as part of the Winter at Tantora Season, and plans are in place for other music events when it is safe to do so. (covid, 19). Artists who have played here include Andrea Bocelli and Yani. There is also exhibition space within Maraya, providing space for local and international artists to exhibit.

The Saudi government is pushing to make Saudi Arabia a must-visit destination for tourists looking to visit the rich culture of the country and the AlUla region. New hotels are planned, and Maraya will be a vital part of the push for tourists.

Reflection on mirror surface Maraya, AlUla
Desert Reflections
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