The meaning of yandere: How to identify this anime character type

meaning of yandere

Yandere is a Japanese word with no English equivalent. The meaning of yandere is someone who is obsessed with another person to the point of becoming unhinged or even violent.

In short, the term “yandere” is a descriptive Japanese term used in anime and manga to describe a character that is typically female that will do anything to be with her love interest or crush, which is usually the main male character. She typically starts out in the story as sweet and innocent but will resort to extremely violent acts and murder if she must to get rid of her rivals.

Yandere characters are usually female but can also be male. They can be just shy or even sweet in some cases.

However, if given the opportunity to spend time alone with their beloved, they can turn into obsessive partners who will do almost anything to maintain control over their victim.

There are several different types of Yandere characters and many have very specific characteristics which distinguish them from similar archetypes. If you’re interested in learning more about this popular trope, keep reading for an overview of the most common types and how to identify them.

Meaning of Yandere basics

A yandere is an anime character who is obsessive, often delusional, and sometimes violent or dangerous towards the person they love. Yandere is also a term that can be applied to a person who is experiencing a first-love obsession.

In television and literature, yandere characters are often portrayed as having obsessive tendencies, experiencing mood swings, and having a distorted view of their love interest.

Yandere characters are often possessive of their love interest and will become violent if anyone else tries to show romantic interest in them.

meaning of yandere

Yandere character types

Different yandere types can be identified based on their defining characteristics. Here are some common yandere types:

The Tsundere – A tsundere, which is also a type of yandere, is a character who is initially cold and hostile towards their love interest but eventually warms up and becomes kind and loving. Tsundere characters often have a “ tsuntsun” (angry/short temper) and “ dere dere” (loving/soft) side that they alternate between. They can be violent and abusive but usually only towards their love interest. Tsundere can also be shy and insecure with their feelings but will express them when given the opportunity.

The Yandere Stalker – A yandere stalker type of character is obsessed with the person they love but doesn’t want to admit their feelings. Instead, they obsess over their love interest by following them around, spying on them, and often using social media to stalk them. A yandere stalker will often make threats and try to prevent their love interest from being with anyone else. In some cases, they stalk and fantasize about their victim before they even meet them.

The Violent Yandere – A violent yandere type is much more obvious about their obsession and will often act out violently towards their love interest and others who try to date or marry them. This type of yandere is often unhinged, delusional, and will even attempt to kill their love interest at times. Violent yanderes have a very unstable personality and are likely to commit murder even when no one is trying to take their love interest away from them.

meaning of yandere

Other dere types

Clingy- Require lots of attention, this Yandere type is too emotionally dependent on their partner. They’re emotionally fragile; requiring plenty of attention and support.

Impulsive- Acts on a whim with little thought to the results of those actions.

Delusional- Unable or unwilling to see the truth os a relationship or lack of one in some cases

Sadistic- Becomes cruel and can cause physical and emotional harm to others.

Manipulative- Uses various methods to manipulate a situation to his or her needs.

There are several other types including obsessive, domineering and possessive.

Yandere Traits

A yandere’s love for their significant other is often driven by a deep-rooted psychological obsession and often includes feelings of jealousy.

Yandere characters are often jealous of their partner’s time and attention being spent on other people or even non-human objects such as work. They often feel entitled to their partner’s time and don’t want to share them with anyone else.

A yandere character’s feelings of jealousy can often turn into feelings of rage or anger that result in obsessive, controlling, and sometimes violent behaviour.

Yanderes will often exhibit obsessive and controlling behaviour towards their love interest in ways that go beyond the normal actions of a caring or loving partner.

Most yandere’s have a delusional perception of the world and their relationship with their love interest. They often believe that they are more worthy of their partner’s time, attention, and affection than others.

They might also believe that their partner loves them more than they love them and will attempt to control their every move.

meaning of yandere

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How is Yandere pronounced in English?

Yandere should be pronounced with three syllables (yan-de-rey.)

It’s actually a combination of two words, Yanderu meaning to be sick and deredere which translates as in love or love struck.

Male yandere

A male yandere is often called a “yandere otaku” or “wota.” Wota are obsessive fans who are sometimes violent and dangerous towards their favorite idol. Male yanderes are also sometimes referred to as “yamandere.” Yamandere refers to yanderes that possess superhuman or other unnatural abilities.

meaning of yandere

Who are the most popular yandere?

The most popular yandere characters come from different anime and manga series. Here are a few of the most well-known yandere: Hatori Hanzo (Hanzomon) – This yandere is a powerful doctor who becomes obsessed with his new nurse, Kaoruko. He eventually murders her fiancé and tries to kill her several times before being defeated. Ayase Miya (Yandere Simulator) – This yandere is a classmate of the protagonist who is obsessed with stalking, murdering, and eventually eating them. Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless) – This yandere is a member of the mystical organization that raised the protagonist. He eventually confesses his love but is rejected.

What is a yandere simulator?

It’s a popular game allowing you to play as a yandere, a young girl with a crush on a boy, she must eliminate anyone else interested in him. The game has violent themes and is probably best for over 18s. Yandere simulator

yandere meaning


The yandere character type is one that has existed in Japanese culture for decades. The word “ yandere” has no English equivalent and is used to describe a type of character that is obsessed with another person to the point of becoming unhinged and violent. Yandere characters are usually female but can also be male. They come in many different types, some more obvious than others. If you’re interested in learning more about this popular trope, keep reading for an overview of the most common types and how to identify them.

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